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Lost World Games is an innovative new developer looking to disrupt the casino game sector with games that fuse the best traditional casino game features with a contemporary feel and modern ‘geek culture’-esque themes.

Device Agnostic

We build in HTML5 so that our games can be enjoyed on any desktop, tablet, mobile, ‘phablet’, or any other Internet enabled device.


We strive to produce games that offer our consumers something different from the existing market whether it be innovative features, cool themery, or good ol’ fashioned speed to market.


We look to actively work with our casino operators in creating the content their players want and can offer exclusivity, white labelling, operator branding and other custom features.


We only build games that we ourselves would want to play. Our games must entertain and engage our players and give them reasons to keep on playing.


King of Kaiju®: Rampage Riches 5x3, 25 Line, Premium Slot
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde 5x3, 25 Line, Premium Slot
Beer Goggles 5x3, 25 Line, Premium Slot
King of Kaiju®: TBC 5x3, 20 Line, Premium Slot


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Vegas Slots Online posted a great review of Lost World Game’s Rampage Riches recently and the feedback is very favourable! I won’t steal all of Vegas Slots Online’s thunder but pick out some key quotes that I think show that they truly understand what we were trying to do with this title.

Every now and then, there needs to be a fresh take on previously done ideas. Rampage Riches is that sentence brought to life.

The game itself is drawn beautifully. You can just feel the love and effort that was poured into this game as you view all the details of it.

Rampage Riches will not blow you away, it will run right through you. It is an absolutely unforgettable experience that is extremely satisfying and rewarding. There is no other casino slot game like Rampage Riches.

We said when we started this game that we: were trying to do something different; prefer more novel, comic book, sci-fi themes; and we want to make games that will appeal to a younger crowd. So basically, LWG will never produce a game that contains a pirate/’RA’/gems/leprechaun/etc. etc. theme, with artwork and and a sound score that belongs in the Golden Nugget, unless, we can do something innovative. This may be our ultimate downfall in trying to swim upstream when all the stakes are flowing downstream past us, but hey ho, nobody said innovation was a cheap, successful formula.

Luckily the affiliates and media sites like our games it seems, so we’re trending in the right direction.


The King of Kaiju invasion continues as Rampage Riches goes live on Mr Green, Betmotion and Prospect Hall.

Please do go check it out on one of these casinos if you like the game!




There is no other casino slot game like Rampage Riches. Do not miss out on this amazing title.

Vegasslotsonline.com, Affiliate Review


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