June 2014

June 16th 2015 , Manchester

Lost World Games has officially unveiled the first 3 games that will be produced for the real-money industry. The games are all slot based games built in HTML5 with responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop. The games are:

  1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which is a modern visualisation of the classic novella the ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ written by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson;
  2. King of Kaiju: Rampage Riches, being the first game to be released under the King of Kaiju brand and will introduce players to the origins of some of the Kaiju from the franchise; and
  3. Beer Goggles, being a tongue in cheek reimagining of the cult anecdote highlighting the regrets of consuming too much alcohol.

You can see the initial concept art and more details of the games on the Lost World Games website.

About Lost World Games:

Lost World Games is an innovative new developer looking to disrupt the casino game sector with games that fuse the best traditional casino game features with a contemporary feel and modern ‘geek culture’-esque themes.

Discover the Lost World at: www.lostworldgames.co.uk

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